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The Future of Soil

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The Future of Soil

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The Future of Soil:  
Ensuring Resilient Food and Agricultural Systems

Food security and autonomy is in serious jeopardy due to the expansion of corporate control of our seed supply. Excessive use of pesticides has led to soil degradation contributing to climate disruption, contaminated water supplies, air pollution and diminished quality of life. Our Family Farms is committed to educating our community and the agricultural industry on best practices for the important decisions we make each and every day; from the seed we buy to the food we put on our table.

This monthly series will educate the community and consumers as to how their food is produced using both cutting edge 21st century technology and time tested farming techniques.

Farmers and businesses will learn how to improve the economic viability of their operations and enhance the quality of life for themselves and their employees.  

All will learn how these best farming practices can regenerate soil, improve yield, mitigate climate and environmental chaos, and serve as alternatives to pesticides and manufactured inorganic compounds derived from by-products of the petroleum industry.

Attendees may join us for the entire series or sign up for one or more informative and interactive sessions.  Registration is opening soon!

To volunteer or get involved in this series, please contact elise@ourfamilyfarms.org.

Class one: February 4th, 2018 in Talent, Oregon
Agricultural Industry and Community meet together 6-8 pm
Theme: History of seed, farming practices and food in Southern Oregon, Our State and Nation
We'll explore the foundation of our agricultural heritage and explore where we are heading in the future.

Class two: February 20 at the Medford Library, Oregon
Agricultural Industry Presentation 1-4:30 pm; Community Presentation 6-8pm 
Theme: Soil is alive to nurture the next crop without added toxic chemicals.
Presenter:  Dr. Elaine Ingham; soil scientist

Class three: March 20 at the Medford Library, Oregon
Agricultural Industry Presentation 1-5 pm; Community Presentation 6-8pm
Theme: Pest Management beyond Neonicotinoids: Predatory Insects and Regenerative Agriculture
Presenter:  Jonathan Lundgren

Class four: April 17 at the Medford Library, Oregon
Agricultural Industry Presentation 3-5 pm; Community Presentation 6-8pm
Theme: GMO Pesticide Impacts on Farm Workers, Consumers, and the Environment
Presenters: Lisa Arkin (Beyond Toxics), Dr. Ray Seidler (retired EPA scientist), Dr. Fenske (University of Washington School of Public Health) and others TBA

Class five: May 15 at the Medford Library, Oregon
Agricultural IndustryPresentation 1-5 pm; Community Presentation 6-8 pm
Theme: Oregon businesses and regenerative organic agriculture
Presenters: TBA

Class six: June TBA
Industry and Community meet together
Theme: Seed to Table Farm Picnic 
At this final event, we will review the highlights of the past workshops and give the opportunity for breakout sessions with farmers and consumers to discuss ways we can move forward with the information we learned over the last months. Certificates of completion will be given out.