Our Family Farms

Know your farmer, Know your food!

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Know your farmer, Know your food!

Thanks to THRIVE for producing the Rogue Flavor guide to help us to connect with some of the best agricultural and artisan foods in the world. This annual guide highlights what makes the Rogue Valley unique: the farms and food businesses that create the distinctive local flavor of our community.

Use the Rogue Flavor guide to find:

  • Farmers markets
  • Special food and farming events
  • Farm share (CSA) programs
  • Neighborhood markets
  • Unique restaurants
  • Artisan foods
  • Wine, beer and spirits

Vote with your food dollar!

Purchasing locally preserves the unique character of the Rogue Valley, ensures the future of our small farmers and business owners, and conserves energy by shortening the distance from the farm to your plate. Buy fresh local food that’s good for you, good for local farmers and good for the local economy!