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Register for The Future of Soil Series

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Register for The Future of Soil:  Ensuring Resilient Food and Agricultural Systems


Join us for the full series or for one or more single sessions. Participants who register for the Full Series will receive a Certificate of Completion and a Notebook with all the session details and resources.

Thanks to our generous sponsors, we are offering this educational series at a discounted rate. 



Community Members and Agriculture Industry Professionals can register for the full series for $60.  

Or attend an individual session for $15 with preregistration or $20 at the door (based on availability).

Scholarships are available.  Email us at contact@ourfamilyfarms.org for more details.

Register for the full series:

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Or Register for one or more informative and interactive session below:

SERIES LAUNCH: Tuesday, February 4th from 6-8 pm

History of seed, food and farming practices in Southern Oregon, Our State and Nation

We'll explore the foundation of our agricultural heritage and where we are heading in the future.
Agriculture Industry and Community together
Location: Talent Community Center
Please RSVP for this Free Event! Donations will be accepted at the door. 


"An Indigenous People's perspective", Red Earth Descendants
"The Bounty of the Earth: Jackson County Agriculture 1850-1920.", Larry Mullaly, S.O. Historical Society
"Sourcing Seeds - Where do seeds come from, past and present.", Don Tipping, Siskiyou Seeds
“Food terminologies of the present time.  What does it all mean?”, Our Family Farms


SESSION TWO: February 20th
Soil is Alive to Nurture the Next Crop Without Added Toxic Chemicals

Location:  Medford Library
Speaker: Dr. Elaine Ingham - Soil Foodweb Inc

Register for 1-4:30 pm Agricultural Industry Track Here            Register for 6-8 pm Community Track Here 


Pest Management beyond Neonicotinoids: Predatory Insects and Regenerative Agriculture

Location: Medford Library
Speaker:  Dr. Jonathan Lundgren - Blue Dasher Farm

Register for 1-5 pm Agriculture Industry Track Here                   Register for 6-8pm Community Track Here

SESSION FOUR: April 17th

Pesticide Impacts on Farm Workers, Consumers, and the Environment

Location: Medford Library

“Legislative update”, Lisa Arkin, Beyond Toxics
“Pesticide Exposures”, Dr. Ray Seidler, retired EPA scientist
"Why We Must Better Manage Exposure and Risks From Pesticides", Dr. Fenske, Acting Chair, Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, School Public Health, University of Washington, 
“Pesticide Drift is Real”, local resident and farm worker

Register for 3-5 pm Agriculture Industry Track Here                    Register for 6-8pm Community Track Here

Oregon Businesses and Regenerative Organic Agriculture

Location: Medford Library
Local farmers, vintners, orchardists, restaurateurs, and consumers will discuss why they have chosen an organic-based business model.

Register for 1-5 pm Agriculture Industry Track Here                    Register for 6-8 pm Community Track Here


Celebrate Our Local Bounty!

Location: TBA
At this final event, the Agricultural Industry and Community come together to celebrate the bounty of our local food system at a local farm​. Tantalize your taste buds with the foods and libations of Southern Oregon. Certificates of completion will be given out.