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Our Family Farms in the News

Rogue Valley organizations work together in Almeda fire recovery effort - KTVL 11/18/2022

Two years after the fires, S. Oregon's recovery has 'a long way to go' - Capital Press 9/6/2022

Oregon farmers now applying for last year's drought assistance, too late for some - KTVL 5/20/2022

Jackson County Farmers prepare for a season without water - KTVL 3/17/2022

Raising from the Rubble - Capital Press 12/31/2020

Local farm workers get housing help after Almeda fire - Mailtribune  11/30/2020

Learning to feed the soil - Mailtribune 10/10/2019

Eat flowers, support American farmers: Oregon's Seed to Vase to Table dinner  - Oregon Live 7/4/2019

Five on 5 – Elise Higley (Our Family Farms) and Dr. Ray Seidler (Microbiologist) - KOBI 4/6/2018

Genetically-engineered crop debate not over...yet - KTVL 4/6/2017

Our Family Farms receives $55,000 grant from USDA - KTVL 11/4/2016

Organic Farmers Win GMO Fight in Jackson County, Oregon - Ecowatch 1/7/2016

Five on 5 - Elise Higley – Our Family Farms Coalition - KOBI 1/1/2016



Our Family Farms Coalition Director Elise Higley on the proposed resolution of a GMO lawsuit  Mailtribune 12/8/2015

Farmers Fighting for Their Soil - KTVL 10/22/2015

Bill could gut GMO ordinance, group says - Mailtribune 7/23/2015

Local farmer in DC ahead of GMO senate debate - KOBI  7/17/2015

Federal judge to hear arguments on ban of GMO crops - 5/19/2015

Anti-GMO groups oppose House bills - Mailtribune 6/1/2015



Two Rural Oregon Counties Ban Planting GMO Crops May 21, 2014 - Youtube

Federal Judge sides with Jackson County on GMO ban - KOBI  5/30/2015

GMO ban is legal under state law - Mailtribune  5/29/2015

GMO ban: what’s next? - KOBI 5/22/2014

Decision 2014: GMO ban passes in Jackson & Josephine Counties - KOBI 5/21/2014

Decision 2014: Following the Money - KOBI 5/20/2014

Tractors roll in support to ban GMO’s - KOBI 5/3/2014

GMO opponents ask for seat at defense table - Mailtribune 2/4/2015

Seeds of victory: Inside the fight to pass the GMO measure - Mailtribune 5/22/2014

Battle over genetically modified foods in Oregon - The Columbian 5/17/2014

Sides rally on GMO ban - Mailtribune 5/14/2014

Supporters of GMO crop ban gather in downtown Medford - Mailtribune 5/13/2014

GMO battle brings in outside funds - Mailtribune 5/8/2014

Money pouring in for local GMO ban campaign - KOBI 5/4/2014

GMO awareness talk at Jacksonville Library - KOBI 4/14/2014

Close to $1 million pours in to local GMO-ban campaign  - Mailtribune 4/4/2014

Potential financial, legal effects of ballot measure spelled out - Mailtribune  3/13/2014

GMO ban supporters get organized to fight - KOBI 2/28/2014

Group kicks off campaign to support countywide GMO ban  - Mailtribune 2/27/2014

Outside seed money finances GMO battle -  Mailtribune 1/29/2014

Farmers debate GMO ban - Mailtribune  1/23/2014

Farmers organize to support Jackson County GMO ban  - Mailtribune 1/22/2014



News on GMO's in Oregon

Escaped GMO bentgrass creates bitter divide in Eastern Oregon still - OregonLive  7/5/2018

GMO grass is creeping across Oregon - High Country News 6/25/2018

Oregon appeals court keeps blocking county's GMO ban - Statesman Journal 9/25/2017

Lawkmakers decline to tackle GMO bills - Mailtribune 4/14/2017

Oregon legislature says 'no' to GMO-free zones - Statesman Journal 4/13/2017

Oregon may let farmers sue Monsanto, other GMO patent-holders, for crop contamination - Statesman Journal 3/16/2017

Farmers seek help to ban, regulate GMOs - Mailtribune 2/10/2017

Escaped GMO 'Triffid grass' defies eradication - The Ecologist 1/10/2017

State and local GMO bans declared legal - Capital Press 11/18/2016

Lawmakers consider seed, crop regulation - Mailtribune, 2/10/2016

Settlement in GMO case lets some afalfa growers keep their crops for eight years - Mailtribune, 12/23/2015

Board supports GMO deal - Mailtribune 12/8/2015

Jackson County groups to have say in Josephine County GMO suit - Mailtribune 11/9/2015

Jackson County GMO ban in effect -  Mailtribune 6/8/2015

Judge rejects request to block Jackson County's GMO ban - Mailtribune 5/29/2015

Oregon's GMO battle is far from over - Mailtribune 1/3/2015

Lawsuit reopens the GMO debate - Mailtribune 11/23/2014

Farmers file suit over GMO crop ban - Mailtribune 11/8/2014

GMO wheat discovered when plants sprayed with weedkiller would not die - ABC13  9/29/2014

'Contagious' vote helped GMO-free, library measures - Mailtribune 6/4/2014

Review panel presents GMO measure findings - Mailtribune 5/1/2014

Citizen panel reviewing proposed GMO crop ban - Mailtribune  4/28/2014

Scientists find multiple problems with GMOs - Mailtribune 4/13/2014

Seeds sow worries on Oregon GMO, organic farms - The Columbian  2/23/2014

Battle over GMO sugar beets emerges in Oregon - Capital Press 1/29/2014

In Oregon, The GMO Wheat Mystery Deepens - NPR 7/17/2013

Illegal Genetically Modified Wheat Found In Oregon Farm: Should We Be Worried? - Forbes  5/31/2013