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The Future of Soil


Series Launch: History of seed, food and farming practices in Southern Oregon, Our State and Nation

Dan Wahpepah of Red Earth Descendents share "An Indigenous People's Perspective"



More videos are coming soon from The Future of Soil: Ensuring Resilient Food and Agricultural Systems, our five part learning series that took place from February to June 2018.  The series featured national experts, local farmers, scientists and business members in the fields of soil health science, climate, pollinators, and pesticides. Attendees explored the impacts that their every-day decisions, from the seed they buy to how they grow plants and the food they put on their table, have on the soil.



Our Family Farms envisions a thriving food and agricultural system
with seed diversity and farmable land for generations to come



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"Eating is an agricultural act." ~ Wendell Berry

Mapping the Movement to Create GE-Free Seed Sanctuaries

The jurisdictions shown on this map have created GE-Free Seed Sanctuaries. Will the town, city, county, or state where you live be next?


*Josephine County, Oregon passed a ballot measure to ban the cultivation of genetically engineered crops (Measure 17-58) on May 20, 2014. It was approved by 58% of the voters. The county was subsequently sued by a couple of plaintiffs who claimed that the measure was preempted and invalidated by state law - SB 863. That court decision is currently pending appeal. See Oregonions for Safe Farms and Families for the latest updates. Our Family Farms supports the right of all farmers to protect themselves against the threat of genetically engineered crops.