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Protecting Our Families, Our Farms, and Our Future

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Farmworker Families Need Your Help


Photo Credit Amber McKee

Southern Oregon has been devastated by unprecedented fires. Thousands of homes are now just piles of ash. Our farms and farmworkers have been hit hard--and need your help to recover! 

Fresh, delicious, locally-grown food is the pride of our region. More than ever, people are relying on our own foodshed. Farmworker families have been our heroes. Now it’s our turn to help them!

100% of your donation goes toward immediate and long-term housing for our farmworkers and their families. Your gift will help cover pressing needs unmet by any future government assistance.

If you have an RV or trailer you are not using and you would like to donate (for a tax deductible donation) to use to house agricultural workers, please contact us.

A needs assessment of the impact to farms across the region is underway. We will provide updates on specific farms as available, as well as partnership coordination with organizations like Unete and NW Seasonal Workers.



We are recruiting resources and ideas for long-term shelter. Working together, could we pilot beautiful, fire-resilient, and eco-friendly community housing solutions for agricultural workers across the West? Contact us to get involved!


Our Family Farms is a 501(c)3 organization. All donations are tax-deductible


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