Our Family Farms

Ongoing Volunteer Meetings

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Ongoing Volunteer Meetings


This is a general meeting of supporters. Come share your thoughts and energies.
We organize; we update on the current status of things that affect Measure 15-119; we brainstorm; and sometimes we screen movies. It's often a lively exchange.

Open to all

1st & 3rd Mondays 9am - 11am

Our Family Farms Coalition Office
1875 Hwy 99 N, Suite 7 (Door D), Ashland


volunteer.pngNorth Valley

Come meet our volunteers. We exchange ideas, discuss what's coming up in the future, and sometimes watch a movie.

Open to all

2nd & 4th Thursdays 6pm - 8pm

Our Family Farms Coalition Office
33 N Central Ave, Suite 425, Medford



The link above is to a PDF brochure and map of the downtown Medford parking facilities.  If you are volunteering in the Woolworth Building (corner of Center & West 6th), there are 4 lots nearby in which you can park free for up to 3 hours. Additional parking hours will require payment.

 Evergreen Lot (8 on map):  This is covered parking with 3-hour parking on the 1st and 2nd floors.  Enter on West 8th Street, just west of the railroad tracks.

Evergreen Lots (6 & 3 on map):  Uncovered parking on either side of Main, just west of the railroad tracks.

Historic Lot (5 on the map):  Enter on corner of Central and East 5th Street. (This is also the "Kid Time" parking lot.)

 Each of these lots is an easy walk to the Woolworth Building.  Hourly parking limits are enforced, however, and can result in a $20 ticket if you exceed the 3-hour limits.  It can sometimes work to simply move your car to another 3-hour lot to get another 3 hours of free parking.  

 If you choose to park in one of the two-hour spots on the street and need more time, you can move your car, but it must be to a different block face.  A block face is defined as "one side of the street between two intersecting streets. You can move your vehicle to another block face once per day.

 For additional information about parking rules, you can call 541-774-2082.