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Support Oregon House Bill 2739

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Support Oregon House Bill 2739


HB2739 will protect Oregon’s agricultural future. Over the past decade, repeated episodes of contamination by genetically engineered plants have cost U.S. farmers billions of dollars.  

The Legislature needs to act to:

-  Hold patent holders responsible for contamination events—not pit farmer against farmer.
-  Protect high-value crops in Oregon, such as specialty seed, wheat and alfalfa, which have been put at significant risk by GE contamination.
-  Protect communities from the unwanted presence of invasive GE weeds, such as Bentgrass, another experimental GE crop that escaped field trials and continues to spread in Malheur and Jefferson counties.

Send a letter to the House Judiciary Committee for it to be uploaded to the Committee’s central OLIS documents: [email protected] 

You can also contact key Oregon Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee, and ask them to support HB 2739.

Rep. Duane Stark-R, House Judiciary member - 503-986-1404
Rep. Andy Olson-R, House Judiciary, Vice-Chair - 503- 986-1415
Rep. Rich Vial-R, House Judiciary member  - 503-986-1426

If you have time please CALL LEADERSHIP and other House Judiciary Members:

Rep. Tina Kotek-D, Speaker of the House - 503-986-1200
Rep. Jeff Barker-D, House Judiciary Chair - 503-986-1428 
Rep. Jennifer Williamson-D, House Judiciary Vice-Chair and House Majority Leader - 503-986-1436 
Rep. Ann Lininger-D, House Judiciary member - 503-986-1438

Thank you for YOUR support!