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2019 Seed to Vase...to Table Dinner

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Thank you to everyone that came to our first ever Seed to Vase to Table Dinner!

This specialty seed to table dinner featured the slow flower movement and local organic cut flower growers.  The dinner featured seasonal food and edible flowers of the Rogue and Applegate Valleys.




The dinner was featured in an Oregonian Article at http://s.oregonlive.com/UQ5hxnh.


A Big Thanks to our hosts Seven Seeds Farm and Flora Farm & Design Studio!

Special Thanks to:

Chef  - Keith Weitzman

Floral Arranging Demonstration - Isabella Thorndike Church

Musician - Taurie Michele

Audio Support - Bob Jackson Miner

Thanks to the Following For Their Contributions to the Menu:

By George

Flora Farm

Flying Bee

Hardy Seeds

Le Mera Gardens

Runnymede Farm

Seven Seeds Farm

Singing Larks Farm

Sugar Blossom Flower Farm

Sweet Water Farm

Singing Larks Farm

Verdant Phoenix

Whistling Duck Farm