Our Family Farms

Fire Relief Fund

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Housing Relief for Farm Workers Impacted by the Almeda and Obenchain Fires

We are no longer accepting applications for the Fire Relief Fund. Our hearts go out to all who have been affected by the fires. If you are a family in need of funds, please contact one of the following organizations:


Rogue Retreat at (541) 499-0880

LTSST Housing at [email protected]

Oregon Worker’s Relief Fund at 1-888-274-7292

Unete at (541) 245-1625

Northwest Seasonal Workers Association at (541) 773-6811



About the Fund

With the outpouring of support of generous donors from around southern Oregon and around the world, we have raised over $312,000 to help farmworkers replace their homes lost in the Almeda and the South Obenchain fires and have awarded seed grants to 46 families.

The remainder of the funds are being reserved to support a long term affordable, sustainable housing solution for agricultural workers in the Rogue Valley. We are engaging and investigating with other community organizations on long term solutions. We will be sending updates as things progress.

The board of directors at Our Family Farms are grateful for the generous support on this regenerative agricultural journey of community recovery and rebuilding. The need for help to get our agricultural workers rehoused has been overwhelming. Our Family Farms will continue to accept donations for the next several months.

Contact us to get involved in this project.