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The Future of Soil

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The Future of Soil

Our Family Farms was very pleased to have nearly 100 people attend our Future of Soil’s Series launch in February! It was great to see so many new and familiar faces, and to learn about the history of agriculture in Southern Oregon and the history of growing for seeds. We hope that you learned something applicable for your farm or garden from the presentations by Dr Elaine Ingham,  Dr Jonathan Lundgren, our own Dr Ray Seidler, and other knowledgeable speakers.


Celebrating the Local Harvest, final session in
The Future of Soil series at Fry Family Store.

Overall, we had 23 agricultural professionals and 26 community members sign-up for the entire series. The evaluations reflected that the Southern Oregon community is hungry to learn more about regenerative agriculture and growing healthy soil. Thank you to our incredible speakers, and very generous sponsors. We are so grateful for your support! 

Our Family Farms looks forward to offering more educational events about regenerative agriculture in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Go here to view presentations from The Future of Soil.