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The Future of Soil

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The Future of Soil: Ensuring Resilient Food and Agricultural Systems is our six part learning series that took place in 2018. The educational series featured national experts, local farmers, scientists and business members in the fields of soil health science, climate, pollinators, and pesticides. Attendees explored the impacts that their every-day decisions, from the seed they buy to how they grow plants and the food they put on their table, have on the soil.

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Episode 2: Dr. Jonathan Lundgren introduces the Principles of Regenerative Agriculture
Dr. Jonathan Lundgren presented Pest Management beyond Neonicotinoids: Predatory Insects & Regenerative Agriculture at our March 17, 2018 session. Learn more about Dr. Lundgren at Blue Dasher Farm or Ecdysis Foundation.

March Session:  Pest Management beyond Neonicotinoids: Predatory Insects & Regenerative Agriculture featuring Dr. Jonathan Lundgren

Episode 2: Introduction to Dr. Jonathan Lundgren and the Principles of Regenerative Agriculture

  Episode 2.1: Pesticides and the decline of biodiversity

  Episode 2.2: Pesticide research from Blue Dasher Farm

  Episode 2.3: Neonicotinoids and the next generation of pesticides 

  Episode 2.4: Principles 1 & 2 of Regenerative Agriculture

  Episode 2.5: Principles 3 & 4 of Regenerative Agriculture

  Episode 2.6: Regenerative Agriculture increases Biodiversity

  Episode 2.7: Profitability of Regenerative farming and Blue Dasher Farm


Series Launch: History of seed, food and farming practices in Southern Oregon, Our State and Nation

View all 3 videos from Episode 1

Episode 1.1:  Dan Wahpepah of Red Earth Descendants shares "An Indigenous People's Perspective"

Episode 1.2:  Larry Mullaly of Southern Oregon Historical Society shares "The Bounty of the Earth: Jackson County Agriculture 1850-1920."

Episode 1.3:  Don Tipping of Siskiyou Seeds talks about the history of seeds.





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