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Hearing on the GMO Patent Liability Bill on May 23rd

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Hearing on the GMO Patent Liability Bill on May 23rd

The hearing is at 3:00 pm on Tuesday, May 23rd in the Capitol in Salem – HR 50.

Please take a minute now and send an email in support of HB 2739

HB 2739 Protect Oregon’s Agriculture 

Over the past decade, repeated episodes of contamination by genetically engineered plants have cost U.S. farmers billions of dollars. The Legislature needs to act to: 

  • Hold patent holders responsible for contamination events — not pit farmer against farmer.

  • Protect high-value crops in Oregon, such as specialty seed, wheat and alfalfa, which have been put at significant risk by GE contamination.

  • Protect communities from the unwanted presence of invasive GE weeds, such as Creeping Bentgrass, now de-regulated and spreading in Malheur and Jefferson counties. 

The text of HB 2739 is here

The hearing is at 3:00 pm on Tuesday, May 23rd in the Capitol in Salem – HR 50.

Please, take a minute now and send an email in support of HB 2739 to the individual committee members.

Include “HB 2739” and “Support” in the subject line and email the members of the House Committee On Rules listed below.

Or you may send your comments directly to the committee at hrules.exhibits@oregonlegislature.gov and request that your comments be submitted into the public record.

If you prefer to make phone calls, that’s ok too.

And, if you are able to attend the hearing, please let us know by emailing us no later than Sunday, May 21st.

House Rules committee members:

Chair - House Democratic Leader Jennifer Williamson

Vice-Chair - House Republican Leader Mike McLane

Vice-Chair - Representative Dan Rayfield

Representative Greg Barreto

Representative Jodi Hack

Representative Bill Kennemer

Representative Rob Nosse

Representative Barbara Smith Warner

If you are a constituent of any of the House Rules members, mention that when you contact them. To determine your district, go here.