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Got Seed? Input needed from Rogue Valley Farmers Who Buy Seed

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Got Seed? Input needed from Rogue Valley Farmers Who Buy Seed

Jackson County farmers are invited to participate in a seed purchasing and production survey conducted by Our Family Farms and the Southern Oregon Seed Growers Association.  The 5-minute survey is part of a larger USDA grant-funded market research project evaluating the potential to increase the production and sales of seeds grown in Jackson County.

Farmer input is crucial for this project in order to support the financial and production needs of the region’s farm businesses.  The implementation of this project will identify the seed needs of area farmers and connect area seed growers to new wholesale and retail buyers.

Take the survey online   

If you would like more information about this project, or if you would prefer to fill out a paper version, please contact Wendy Siporen.

Southern Oregon boasts an excellent climate for growing vegetable and flower seeds. The hot summers and relatively low precipitation during the fall allow seed crops enough time and heat to fully ripen and dry down. During the past decade, the number of small-scale, specialty crop seed growers in the region has greatly expanded.  The passage of a ban on genetically engineered crops in 2014 means that seed farmers and their customers can have more assurance that their crops remain genetically true.  The research will evaluate the potential to expand production and sales, share seed processing equipment, educate consumers, and train new seed farmers.