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Our Family Farms needs your support to keep doing our work!

A year-end gift of $60, just $5 a month, will help future generations to have access to traditional seeds that they can plant and save just as our relatives have done for generations. Please join us today to create a future with healthy food, prosperous farms, and seeds that have not been modified to contain toxic chemicals. 

Your gift makes it possible for Our Family Farms to continue our important work of:

-  2020 series of community educational programs about regenerative farming
-  Farm tours and classes about soil health, seed stewardship, and native bees
-  Advocating for protection of traditional and Organic seeds in the state capital
-  Networking across the country to support the regenerative farming movement
-  Bringing people together to create a Southern Oregon Community Seed Bank
-  Representation in the Non-GMO Coalition to support legislation
-  Promoting our Jackson County, Non-GMO Seed Sanctuary!

Receive a free 2020 For The Love of Seeds Calendar with all donations over $25. Make your gift today